2011 / Enormic Banda 2011 / Cover for the comic "Enormic Banda 2011" / O Salnés

Comic cover


In the design of the comic cover “Enormic Banda 2011“ I wanted to highlight the importance of the vignette including in each of them a fast graphic design.

2009 / Edison bye / Lamp structure at Tokonoma / Santiago de Compostela

Structural lamp "Edison bye bye"


The lighting store Tokonoma has a space reserved for temporary exhibitions called “A Caixa Negra“. The collective exhibition “Edison bye“ was held in this space and the aim was to pay tribute to Edison now that the bulb is about to disappear.

2008 / A Box Of Surprises / Lamp structure at Tokonoma / Santiago de Compostela

Structural lamp


The whole set is the result of the articulation of eight independent modules working together thanks to a graphic speech regarding the possibilities of a can. An open box whose lids appear and disappear.

2007 / A Wall Of Light And Water / Artistic intervention in the decoration of the port wall / Vilagarcía de Arousa

"Muro De Luz E Auga" intervention


The project carried out by “Associación i Latina“ where several artists participated in decorating the port wall.

1999 / Poster - Card “First Days of Plastic Arts” / Salnés Shopping Centre / Cambados

Card detail


19th and 20th November. “Days of Plastic arts“ organised by Luis Silvoso, the ownwer of the art galler Borrón 4. The conference was given by Antón Castro and Juan Fernando de La Iglesia.

1998 / Poster of Carnival 98 / Town Hall of Vilagarcía / Vilagarcía de Arousa

Poster detail


A poster for the carnival 1998 was commissioned by the council of culture of the Town Hall of Vilagarcía. Made with aluminium sheets of different colour and pressed aluminium and composed figures with materials from the studio.

1995 / Poetry Book Cover / Chazo, Chaves, Racedo and Veronese / Vilagarcía de Arousa

Book cover


My friends Chazo and Chaves asked me to design the poetry book cover.

1993 / Poster For IX International Open Of Chess / Cambados / Pontevedra

Book cover


I designed the cover of a magazine for a chess tournament. The magazine was given as first prize of the tournament celebrated between July and August 1993.

1993 / Little Ideas In Little Spaces Of Time / Iron pavement / Vilagarcía de Arousa

Pavement detail


A proposal of the Councils of Culture, Planning and environment of the Town Hall of Vilagarcía, an artistic intervention in the Baldosa Street pavement in April 1993. Xaquín Chaves, Manolo Chazo, Cesar Lomberaand Xurxo Alonso took part in the intervention. My artistic work “Little ideas in little spaces of time“ consisted of 96 cast iron pieces 20x20 cm with varied representations and inserting corten steel feet.

1991 / "Aí ven o Maio" / Annual Celebration Of Agrupación Cultural Deportiva “A Seca“ / Pontevedra

Cover of the publication detail


I designed the cover of the publication number 6 of “Aí Ven o Mayo“ an annual celebration of Agrupación Cultural Deportiva “A Seca“. I drew a haystack full with flowers and the text “Aí Ven o Mayo“ in indian ink.